Carom Seed Honey 350g

Carom Seed Honey 350g


  • 100% Organic
  • Infused with Carom seeds
  • Helpful in Weight-loss
  • Relieves Acidity & Indigestion
  • Treats cold, toothache and wounds
  • Good for diabetic patients too
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Golden View Cardamom Honey is infusion specially for Carom Seed lovers. It is a perfect blend having benefits of Cardamom with the nutrition of honey.

Carom Seeds are known to promote healthy digestion, treat flatulence, relieve constipation and for weight loss. Carom Seed Honey gives relief from acidity & indigestion. Carom Seed Honey treats cold, toothache and wounds and is good for diabetic patients too. It should be used specially when due to age human nerves and muscles start getting weaker and stiff.

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