Tukh Malanga Seed (Chia Seeds) 100g


The plant named sweet basil is referred to as tukh malanga. Being so tiny, it has incredible health benefits. By consuming just tukh malanga seed (chia seeds) 100g, you can obtain a large amount of calcium, iron, and magnesium. You can get a good quantity of fiber and antioxidants from it. Flavonoids and other antioxidants are abundant in tukh malanga. Your body benefits from these antioxidants as it fights against various diseases.

There are many advantages of Tukh Malanga for your health that are hard to ignore. The tukh malanga seed (chia seeds) 100g is rich in nutrients like omega 3, vitamins, minerals, zinc, and other components that work wonders to enhance general health organically. The tukh malanga for skin is a natural detox. You can eat chia seeds any way you like: soaking, uncooked, or toasted. The best use for chia seeds is bread toppings, salad toppings, and toasting.

Benefits of Tukh Malanga_100g

Aids Weight Loss

If you want to lose weight, then chia seeds loss weight is beneficial. A considerable proportion of fiber is included in basil seeds. The fiber in food keeps you full longer since it takes longer for your body to digest.

Cures Constipation

One of the worst diseases of a modern lifestyle is constipation. It would help if you had a potent cure for this issue. In addition to many other natural remedies for constipation, basil seeds provide numerous health advantages.

Prevents Heart Diseases

The basil seeds help in preventing heart Disease. This will keeps your blood pressure controlled. To maintain your health, you must have to consume basil seeds.

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